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My new food/etc. blog, The Hungry Songbird!

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My biggest passion is music, but I have a few other passions that I really needed an outlet for. That’s why I created The Hungry Songbird. I love to eat, and love to cook, so when I started creating recipes, I decided that I would like to share them with more than just my family & friends – why not post them onto a blog so that I may share them with the world? I also plan on writing reviews of some of my favorite restaurants & dishes.

The Hungry Songbird is not only about food, though. It’s also an outlet for my love of interior design. I’m going to be sharing a lot of ideas very soon since I will be moving into a new condo, giving me the chance to decorate – one of my favorite hobbies EVER!

Along with food and interior design, I have an incredible passion for fashion and photography (although I’m just an amateur iPhone photographer at the moment). The Hungry Songbird will soon be a mish-mash of all of my favorite things, so I hope you visit & enjoy! I sure am having a great time with my new blog.


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You can see all of my recipes on Pinterest: Follow Me on Pinterest


Live Video | Flagship Romance | Tell Love To Leave Me Alone

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Flagship Romance, my duo with Shawn Fisher of Son of a Bad Man, performed at a benefit for Giving Community Technology last Sunday at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Giving Community Technology is an organization that builds custom PCs for families and other organizations for equal education opportunities. Here is a video that was taken at the concert:

Flagship Romance – Tell Love To Leave Me Alone