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Barbie Gone Bad (editorial)

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Barbie Gone Bad Editorial
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Photographer: Krystal Blase of West House Photography
{ }
Original Concept: Krystal Blase
Makeup: Catherine Molina
Hair: Alison Jones
Clothing provided by: as well as some vintage pieces
Sunglasses: Tom Ford sunglasses provided by S.E. Joseph Jewelers
{ }
Jewelry provided by: It’s Eclectic and La Feliciana { }
Set Design: Ashley Krogman Designs { }
Barbie Model: Jordyn Jackson { }
Ken Model: Daniel Halvorsen
Behind the Scenes Photography: Lisa Ruiz { }
{view all the BTS images here:}
Behind the Scenes Videography: Blair Richardson
Behind the Scenes Helpers: Ben Halvorsen, John Silang and Shawn Fisher
Special thanks to: Arelia James Island for letting us use some of the locations!


“Barton Hollow” (Civil Wars cover) with Son of a Bad Man! (video)

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I love The Civil Wars. I think that they are one of the best new music acts out there right now… and Shawn Fisher agrees with me. That’s why the two of us decided to cover their song, “Barton Hollow,” at The Florida Theatre for Uncommon Music…For A Common Cause, and then recorded a video of the song with Shawn’s band, Son of a Bad Man. Here it is! Enjoy….


Uncommon Music Videos!

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Here are 3 live videos from Shawn Fisher’s & my performance at The Florida Theatre for Uncommon Music…For A Common Cause!

Too Much Wine (featuring Chico Lobos, Johnny Flood, and Dan Johnson):


Barton Hollow (Civil Wars cover):