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Valentine (poem)

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You came into my life at the worst possible timing.

So I thought.

My heart had been shattered -
And although time had been gingerly taping the pieces of it back together,
Any sudden movement…
Well, you know.

We laughed. We played bar games and child’s games.
The innocence grew into an unexpected, yet very welcome friendship.
You had been damaged as I had been, and our pain began to heal each other’s.

Little by little.

We went away together.
An experiment of sorts to discover what this relationship may hold.
You smiled from deep within as you leaned into my face to kiss me.


I thought these beautiful creatures may never flutter through my soul
Ever again.

But they did.

And while walking through the cold & mysterious streets of Savannah,
No space between our bodies, to grasp any extra body heat from one another,
Those butterflies changed from fireballs with small, clumsy wings -
To the most graceful creatures, soaring through my insides with long, meaningful strides.

No need for a coat now.

The warmth of old seedy pubs, honey caves, and vintage photos -
The exhilaration of walking into the unknown -
The freedom to do whatever our hearts desired -
All transformed our innocent, young friendship into something much deeper.

We returned changed. Different. Together.

Now you’re gone,
And though the tape holding the broken pieces of my heart has turned into concrete, it aches.
Time, as I never thought possible, has not affected this absence carelessly -
But it has opened my plastered heart up to endless possibilities.

To endless butterflies…

To you, I am grateful for healing me -
And allowing me to heal you in return.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my opponent, my friend, my love.


On Your Birthday (a poem for my Daddy)

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On Your Birthday

It all began so suddenly.
The lights, the doctors, the fear.
And then I was here.

You prayed over my little glass box
An earnest, desperate prayer
For me to live
For you to be able to be my Daddy.

God answered -
A miracle.

We spent hours together, alone
When no one on Earth seemed to be awake.
I was immediately Daddy’s Little Girl -

And you were Little Girl’s Daddy.

You spent more time with me than most little girls could even wish for with their fathers.
Bedtime stories in teepees & homemade forts -
Silly songs and fishing trips -
Michelle Basserina.

As the years passed, we grew into friends -
Friends who talked about everything
Prayed together, laughed together, cried together.
You taught me and showed me that integrity is the most important trait of all.

When I decided my life’s dream…to sing –
You never, ever doubted me
Or made me lack any confidence.
You supported me with an underlying love -
And a sparkle in your eye.

Then, the earthquake of our lives -
Your cancer.
My world was shattering all around me
And to keep myself from falling apart completely
I prayed -
And prayed, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed.

We all did…so very passionately and longingly.

And again, to our amazement -
A miracle…again.
You were healed.
How could our family be so loved by our Maker
That He would reach His very hand into our lives
And answer our desperate prayers?

Now, we’re here.
Even though there was a time we thought we wouldn’t be.
I thank God that we are spending this day together –
Your birthday.

Thank you for loving me so much.
Thank you for being the best Daddy a Little Girl could ever wish for.
Thank you for supporting me through this crazy dream of mine.
Thank you for loving my Mommy the way every woman should be loved.
Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to my baby brother.
Thank you for working so very hard to make a beautiful life for your family.

Thank you for allowing me to be Daddy’s Little Girl.

I love you.
Happiest Birthday.


Announcement! My new single Time Alone!

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I’ve released a new single today, entitled Time Alone. Time Alone is a song I wrote with my friend, Lee Miles, about 8 years ago. It has always been my Meme’s (my grandmother) favorite original song of mine, so she offered to fund a re-recording of it. I flew out to Los Angeles twice in 2010 to record with Lee at Cookie Jar Recording, and we revamped our song. Eliza James came in and recorded acoustic & electric violin to accompany my vocals, and Lee’s guitar, bass, drums, and piano. We decided to release two different mixes, or versions, of the song…a rock mix, and a stripped-down mix. Shawn Grove mixed the 2 versions of the song at Jan Smith’s studio in Atlanta, and I am so happy with the finished product. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Below is a link to my cdBaby page to download the song, and a video blog announcing the release! The actual CD will be available very soon via Nimbit/cdFreedom/Amazon, and the download will be available on iTunes in the next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to download Time Alone.