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Video Blog #10 – Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Tonight, A Year Ago (poem)

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Tonight, A Year Ago
(written 10.23.10)

Tonight, a year ago
You were sitting all alone
At a dim-lit bar downtown
Until I joined you

You had a light beer with a lime
And instead of having wine
I ordered Maker’s on the rocks
And it impressed you

Though it had been a few long years
The nerves quickly disappeared
We were laughing like
No time had passed between us

You took me to a smoky bar
And it wasn’t very far
The stories flew
And so much tension grew beneath us

We couldn’t get home fast enough
We made love soft; we made love rough
And although blurred,
That night is captured in my mind’s eye

We spent the next few months in bliss
With love the first thing on our list
Together making plans
And dreaming of our new life

But as time began to pass
Your affection didn’t last
And my heart started to break
Ever so slowly

It was impossible to bear
So I prayed a desperate prayer
And within 2 days
You broke my heart completely

It’s been 3 months and I’m okay
But I still cry and I still pray
That in time
You’ll make the changes that you need to…

To be whole and to be loved
To be selfless and full of
The happiness I know
That lives there deep inside you.

I still miss you all the time
You may never again be mine
But I just need you to know that
I still love you

Tonight, a year ago
You were sitting all alone
At a dim-lit bar downtown
Until I joined you


Feature in Jacksonville Magazine’s 904

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Jacksonville Magazine published an article on my career in their December issue of “904.” Photo of the article {click to enlarge}:


Feature in Ponte Vedra Living Magazine

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Ponte Vedra Living Magazine published a 4-page spread on my career in their debut issue this month! Here are photos of the magazine
{click to enlarge}: