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Updated MySpace Music!

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Are you a member of MySpace? If so, check out my new & improved MySpace Music page, and add me as friend!


“Live At The Vault” BRFM TV in Wales

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While on my promotional radio tour in the UK, I had the opportunity to perform live on BRFM TV “Live At The Vault” in Gwent, Wales. They also aired my performance & interview (not shown in the video) on BRFM radio. I was sick this day, but the people at the radio/tv station were so amazing to work with, and so very welcoming, I forgot how bad I felt for about an hour! Here’s the link to stream my performance (scroll down to “Jordyn Jackson”):


*Note: Photo shown in video was taken by Krystal Blase of West House Photography, Jewelry was provided by It’s Eclectic, Makeup by Paulina Perez, and Hair by Suzette Joson. Photo was credited during the interview, but it’s not shown on this video. :)


Jordyn’s Birthday Wish!

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Every year, my birthday has been celebrated to the fullest by myself, my family, and my friends. Yearly, my mom goes over-the-top to make me feel special on my special day, and I’ve always been surrounded by people who shower me with gifts & make me feel like a princess…

This year, I would like to give up my birthday, because, quite frankly, I don’t need any more “things.” I’ve been so blessed with more than I could ever ask for…water being something that I take for granted daily.

I’m turning 26 years old, and instead of asking for gifts, I’m asking for $26 or more from everyone I know. It’s not going to me, though. All of it is going to build freshwater wells for people in developing nations.

A billion people in the world are living without clean water. Millions contract deadly diseases from contaminated water. 45,000 people will die this week alone. The lucky ones won’t, but still walk hours each day to get dirty water to give to their families.

These facts are staggering…and I want to help make a change in these people’s lives by making my birthday really matter this year.

My birthday wish this year is not for more gifts I don’t need; it’s to give clean and safe drinking water to some of the billion living without it. Join me? Click HERE.

XoxO, Jordyn

please note: Because of charity: water’s unique model, 100% of all donations go directly to direct water projects costs, and each donation is “proved” and tracked to the village it helped when projects are complete.